Make David Pogue the Badass that he Deserves to Be

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We love David Pogue here at Gizmodo. The NY Times tech guru is a playful geek whose love and passion for all things gadgety shines through with every over-the-top video he makes. He is not, however, the coolest guy in the world. Look, no disrespect, but you're no Justin Timberlake, David.


That's where you readers come in. Your challenge is this: make David Pogue as cool as humanly possible. Put him on a Harley with a stogie sticking out of his mouth. Surround him with buxom ladies in a hot tub. You know, cool. Find some pictures of him and use your Photoshop skills and send your best efforts to me at Entries are due on Friday, and I'll post the best results early next week.

Oh, and a note:

Unlike the last Photoshop "contest" I ran, this one will be selective. That means I won't post everything that's sent in. So don't just stick some "witty" text over the photo and send it to me. I want sweet Photoshops here, people. Let's see what you've got. I don't have any prizes to give away at the moment, but who knows, if you inspire me enough maybe I'll dig something up to send to the winner. No promises.

UPDATE: Here are the images.



Pogue is my favorite tech writer. It's the piano playing, ironically. We're just trying to pay homage to the man and his skills.