What iPhone Third-Party Apps Would You Like?

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While the dust is still clearing from yesterday's All Things D (as in Digital, Damned, Drowsy, completely Delightful and even Dildonic at times), the best news for me has been Jobs' announcement that Apple is planning to open the Mac OS X Messiah-phone to developers. To achieve their need to balance security and openness, my guess is that they will follow more or less the iPod model: controlled distribution of Apple-certified, high-quality apps through a secure channel like the iTunes Music Store.


The question is: What current third-party Mac OS X applications would you like to see adapted to the iPhone? Which of them would actually reach a greater potential in the iPhone and become killer applications?

My wishlist and your own suggestions, after the jump.

Here are my Top 5 picks for the iPhone, according to coolness factor and personal preference.

5. ScummX. Pushing Guybrush Threepwood around with my finger? Aye aye, Sir! Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and the Indiana Jones series will work great with the iPhone touchscreen and resolution. That would be reason enough for me to buy one. And a three-headed monkey.

4. MacMAME. Like number 5, the Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator is the ultimate productivity enhancer. Hundreds of outstanding classic arcade games that will also work perfectly on the iPhone just adding simple on-screen controls. And you will be able to play Galaga and the original Donkey Kong vertically. Doesn't get any better than that. (I will also put here a Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation and SNES emulator.)


3. Voice Candy. Brilliant voice processing application that will work great to record messages and leave voice mails. The interface is almost perfect for the iPhone as it is. Fun stuff.

2. Delicious Library. I guess Apple will integrate something similar to this amazing DVD/Book/Videogame database to make the iPhone work with the Apple TV and Front Row, but in the meantime, I want the Delicious Monsters to do their job.


1. Autodesk SketchBook Pro. Being a pixel-pusher, I would love to see an adaptation of this simple painting package. Thanks to Marking Menus, this one will work great on the iPhone and it will be really fun to play with. For some people, Autodesk should also sell a custom-made stylus (simulating the finger electrostatic charge) for even finer control.

I know that this is not representative of everyone, so please add your own suggestions in the comments and we will make a poll with all of them later. Except for Striptease Touch-me Poker. That doesn't require any poll.



Here's my wishlist:

1. WiFi Hotspot Finder and Autoswitcher- Purportedly, the iPhone comes with such a feature. But in case it doesn't, or in case it doesn't work as expected, I'd like to see a hotspot finder with autoswitching that seamlessly selects open hotspots, especially given the lack of 3G on the phone.

2. Orb or Orb like interoperability with OS X- Streaming of media content over the internet and home networks is gaining a lot of attention and is a feature that I'd like to see in the iPhone. If AppleTV can stream content off your laptop why not the iPhone? I believe Sony is opening up the PSP with these features, and current Smartphones have several solutions including Orb and the Slingbox.

3. Pedometer- I'm curious if the built in motion sensors and accelerometers on the iPhone can be adapted to be used like a built in Nike +?

4. GPS Mating via Bluetooth- Since the iPhone lacks built-in GPS it would be nice to be able to mate the iPhone with 3rd party GPS units either via Bluetooth or a connector.

5. Video-conferencing/IM/VoIP- They're probably not quite there yet, and given the absence of a forward facing camera (unless one is hidden under the home button) it may still be a while, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Video iChat would be great. And a Skype client that works over WiFi would be appreciated as well.