Quick News: Mad Catz Makes a Profit and More

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Peripheral maker Mad Catz made a profit of $6.4 million. If that's true, then peripheral manufacturing is the market to get into. Since I have never touched a MadCatz product that didn't suck, and they're making a profit.

It was bound to happen, there is now at least one Blu-ray players that is cheaper/equal in price than its PS3 brethren. The BDP-S300 is going to be priced at $499, a $100 cheaper than it was originally said to cost.


And the latest effort to show that social-networking is coming to a head, Coca-Cola announced their own networking effort. Only this soda-themed version will be cellphone only.

Google, in a surprise move, picked up software manufacturer PeakStream. Financial details have been hard to come by, but the companies main clame to fame is that it allows for software to benefit from multi-core processors, even when they are designed for single-core systems.

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Google keeps eating all of these companies but i see no point in doing so. Its like they are just sitting on these investments, waiting for something to happen. Its not like they command a large market share in anything besides search engine-ness.