LevelStar's Icon Mobile Manager is a Screenless PDA

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The Icon Mobile Manager by Levelstar is designed with a different clientele in mind: the visually impaired. Instead of a screen, the Icon features audio menus to help the user navigate, and acts as a hub for daily technology-related activities. This thing is just a great idea, designed specifically to give functionality to a user base that hasn't enjoyed a PDA this full-featured. Despite being a niche product, the Icon Mobile Manager doesn't skimp on power.


With Linux under the hood, it's fueled by a Lithium Ion battery, and the Icon boasts a sizable 30GB HDD with room for expansion via a Mini SD slot. The device is fully wireless, sporting both Bluetooth and 802.11b, which is nice for users on the go who want to keep up with their audio books, podcasts and music.

It's a little large at 5"x3", but it only weighs half a pound so it's still portable. The Icon Mobile Manager also has stereo speakers built in, though the package comes with a set of earbuds to take advantage of the unit's headphone jack.

To fully use of some of the Icon's more advanced features, such as Web browsing, we imagine users will want to buy the dock that comes with a Braille or QWERTY keyboard. Besides that, the device does everything you'd expect for a handheld. Be ready to pay a lot more, however. The Icon Mobile Manager costs $1,395 for the unit alone, and is available only inside the United States.

Product Page [LevelStar via popgadget]



SO true!

Just ask many iPhone users next week.

Voice Command is the future IMHO, and if implemented well enough, eliminates the need for a slide out braille keyboard in this device.