Today Show Host Fumbles with the iPhone

Check out this iPhone segment on the Today show this morning. Maybe the iPhone's not that easy to use after all. Or maybe the problem is between phone and seat. We have to laugh at the mainstream media's satellite shot, just like from the '60s, trying to show that the iPhone can make calls everywhere, even from New York to frickin' London! But then, with all that satellite tech brought to bear, the anchorette can't even answer that complicated iPhone. It's called a touchscreen, Meredith!

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Someone actually watched the Today show rather than stand in line for a Jesus Phone? What are they thinking?

No one is going to be put-off from buying an iPhone because the touch screen is not so easy to use. (No matter how much Jobs lovin' is put into that tiny box, it can not match the power of physical keys. Sorry.) Here are the reasons to buy an iPhone:

1. Apple fanboy (or girl).

2. To impress neighbors / friends.

3. You have excess money and love to have the latest 'thing'.

4. Because you thought it was the line for a really great $600 concert, and all you got was a lousy phone out of the deal.