Universal Flexes Muscles, Not Renewing Long Term iTunes Music Contract

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Just as Apple was riding high on the iPhone, Ferris Bueller style in a parade of fans and media alike, Universal Music plans to throw a knee into Jobs and Co.'s collective crotch. Universal Music Group will supposedly tell Apple that they will not be renewing a long term contract for iTunes music, instead going for a short-term sales agreement that will still let Apple keep their artists's music up for sale.


This shorter contract benefits Universal by letting it have more flexibility in dealings with other music services, presumably ones like Microsoft's Zune or Rhapsody, or even its own store if it feels up to it. How does this affect you? Our guess is that it won't. Apple will do a lot to keep Universal at the table, which probably means you won't be missing your Alizee or your Amy Grant anytime soon. But it may mean lower profits for Apple itself, and could slow down any efforts in motion to get DRM-free (like EMI's catalog) into iTunes.

Universal Music May Not Renew iTunes Contract [WSJ]

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Until these fools (the labels not iJobs and iCompany) figure this game out, I'm sticking with my tried and true method: Buy the CD, Rip it, Tag it, throw in an iPod with baby and me...

Sorry, long night getting the Spawnling to sleep...

Point being... with a CD you get to make your own DRM-free tracks (woohoo!) in whatever format you want that can be shared on just about any device with an mp3 decoder and you have a nice backup copy.

And before anyone starts mewling about "oooh, ripping takes so much time..." I'm 2/3rds the way through a 1200 CD collection and it's only taken me 6 years... okay, not the best track record... but I have ripped ~1/3rd of said collection in less than a week.

Loves my 80gb iPod... Loves IT!

nocte, nocte,