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Man Who Legally Changed Name to Optimus Prime Loves Gizmodo (Video)

Click to viewYou probably heard of him before, the Ohio man who legally changed his name to Optimus Prime. We caught up with him at Transformers BotCon 2007 in Providence, RI, and discovered something truly disturbing: he's Gizmodo's #1 fan. Did he name his son Hot Rodimus? You'll have to watch and find out. And don't forget to check out my interview with <a href="">Lil' Optimus if you haven't already.

Transformers BotCon 2007 [Gizmodo]


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So....if I legally change my name to Dorkus Erectus will I be fetured on Gizmodo too?

And, more importantly, who will give me 1 million dollars to do it?