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Halo Themed Xbox 360

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That green Xbox we saw earlier today with matching controllers, and Halo art all around. Launching with the game. It's got gold trim. And a whooole lot of Halo accessories (below). It has an HDMI port (yay) but only a 20GB HDD (only the elite has the 120, which redefines it as the HD movie box) and get this: IT DOESN'T COME WITH HALO 3. ROTLF-UPSELL-MERCHANDISE. Jason says, "The crowd reaction was horrible. Utter silence, and some sparse laughter." But I don't care what you guys say. I think this thing is pretty cool looking for the person who doesn't have an Xbox 360 yet, who loves Halo...wait a minute.

Illustration for article titled Halo Themed Xbox 360

Look for this new console in September. This new Special Edition contains these components:

* Halo 3 Special Edition Console

* Halo 3 Special Edition Wireless Controller

* Halo 3 Special Edition 20GB Hard Drive

* Halo 3 Special Edition Wired Headset

* Halo 3 Special Edition Gamer Pics and Theme (Exclusive download via Xbox LIVE)

* Component HD AV Cable

* Ethernet Cable

* HDMI Port

* Play & Charge Kit

* Xbox LIVE Silver Membership

* One-month Lbox LIVE Gold Membership

* Halo 3 game not included—sold separately

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Wow. They had nothing. They had the poker equivalent to a "king high." The rest, a 4, an 8 a jack and a 2.