iOS 4.3 Requires Passwords For In-App Purchases to Protect the Children

Apple's addressed the problem of kids buying in-game items with meatspace money by adding a password requirement in iOS 4.3, even if you've already entered in your password within the last 15 minutes to buy the game itself. The problem? iOS 4.3 is only available for the last two generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so those with older devices don't get the fix. [Washington Post]

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This will just get Apple from having to offer refunds because,

Kids will still be handed these things as playthings.

Parents will share iTunes credentials with kid.

Kid will enter it every 15 minutes.

If able to be disabled, parents will disable it so they don't have to enter it every time.

Smurfberry anyone?

I'm not knocking the new feature, I'm just commenting on the fact that every time you try to make something a little more idiot-proof...........