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Microsoft Mobile, There's a Mouse On My Phone

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Mobile, Theres a Mouse On My Phone

Microsoft has filed a patent for a device incorporating a cell phone and trackpad based control for your PC, via WiFi. The application reads:

1. A system that facilitates navigating on a display, comprising: a mouse engine component that detects a location; and an interface component that integrates the mouse engine into a handheld communication device.


From the diagrams included, it appears the front will house the phone function, whilst the back will be used as the trackpad surface. As ever, an obtuse patent application can hardly be cited as concrete evidence of development. However, it is encouraging to know Microsoft has their thinking cap on, readying ideas for the cell phone market. Such events can only breed consumer-friendly competition in the long haul. [Boy Genius Report]

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Great. The lamest interface component on the Laptop comes to the cell phone. Way to go, MS!

I have to turn off nearly all the extra sensor functions on my Vaio laptop just to be able to type without accidentally scrolling / inserting. Let's hope this Win Mobile mousepad also tries to detect what you want to do (scroll vs. insert vs. back vs. action vs. move pointer vs. nothing) and then automatically performs the wrong action just as often as on any PC Laptop.