Absolutely Gigantic Match Creates Gigantic Fireball, Fails to Kill Lucky Idiot

In today's episode of "extremely dangerous yet infinitely entertaining things to do with flammables," we have perhaps the biggest matchstick ever created being lit by a brave/moronic individual. It was made by attaching 15,000 matches to the end of a 4x4 piece of lumber, complete with ping pong balls for shaping and spray paint for realism. But come on, what do you care about what's in it? You want to see the end results, which can be found in the video above. Enjoy, and, as usual, don't try this home unless you want your obituary being mocked on the Giz. Instructions for your creative retardicide can be found at Instructables. [Instructables]


Yeah, it seems like that thing went off exactly as planned. Kind of anti-climactic if you're looking for some carnage, which we all undoubtedly were.