Tiger Blood Is Real, and It's In Singapore

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Charlie Sheen! Tiger blood! Bi-winning! So many catchphrases we've culled from a man's terribly unfortunate public spiral into oblivion. But did you know that Tiger Blood is an actual thing? Not only that! It's a brand of anabolic steroids sold out of Singapore. Which, hey, appropriate! But sorry, anyone who was hoping to camp out at tigerblood.com in hopes for a big payday. It's been owned and operated—thought not maintained—since 2005.


Fortunately, someone's already turned AdonisDNA.com into a certified Charlie Sheen bonanza. [Zenroll]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I know I'm in the minority on Giz, but I actually really enjoyed Two and Half Men. I often hope that Charlie will somehow get better but after watching some of his Ustream footage today, I feel like we will probably hear about his death in the near future (unless someone intervenes). In the video I saw, it was early in the morning, he noted he hadn't had breakfast (except for the alcohol he was drinking) and looked very emaciated. After seeing him on Piers Morgan, he at least sounded somewhat lucid (although he was completely narcissistic) but at this point, he's just saying random shit and jumping from subject to subject. I don't know if it's some drug effect or if he's becoming mentally messed up. It's just very sad to publicly see someone's downfall like this.