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Nokia Prism Line Is Official, Still Goofy Looking

Illustration for article titled Nokia Prism Line Is Official, Still Goofy Looking

I don't know how carving a bunch of geometric lines in a phone helps a company "tap into the cultural zeitgeist," but that's what Nokia is claiming their now-official line of Prism phones does. The lower-end 7500 is your basic multimedia phone complete with music player (MP3/AAC/WMA), 2-megapixel camera and Opera Mini for web browsing via EGPRS/GPRS. The 7900 improves on its predecessor by offering dual band 3G/quad band GSM, a 2-inch OLED screen with "living wallpaper" that morphs based on your usage pattern and 1GB of internal storage. If mounds of triangles do it for you, you should be able to snag a 7500 for about $290 or a 7900 for $550. [Nokia Prism Collection via CrunchGear]


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