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Voting Machine Tutorial Uploads To iPod, So You Don't Accidentally Vote For Pat Buchanan

Illustration for article titled Voting Machine Tutorial Uploads To iPod, So You Dont Accidentally Vote For Pat Buchanan

Connecticut's Secretary of State released a video on YouTube explaining how to use the state's new optical scan voting machines. The video is also available for download to something called an "iPOD." It is frightening to think of an electoral process where you're encouraged to watch a training video over and over. What happens to the people who don't have "iPODs" or YouTube-ready PCs? But the funniest thing is that this dorky-ass video, straight out of the public-service playbook, is specifically supposed to appeal to young people.


There's no rock music, no B-actor on a skateboard, no spunky cheerleaders. The video, which you can watch for yourself, has nothing that would even apparently appeal to a youngin' besides the fact that it comes in .mov form. Nevertheless, Conn's Sec O' State says, in her own press release:

"In today's world it's difficult to reach voters, especially younger ones, unless you're using the same technology they use. So, I took a cue from my teenage children and decided we'd produce videos that people could download, and then watch when and where they want."


My favorite line from the film is when they say the ballot looks like a "standardized test or lottery ticket"—they left out "depending on whether your collar is white or blue." [YouTube and Conn Secretary of State via AP]

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You missed this one.

It contains the wonderful line, '...for the first time in Connecticut's history, disbaled people will be truly welcomed at the polls...'.

Meaning, unless I'm mistaken, that up until now they tended to be kicked out without being allowed to vote, no?