Tenori-On Crazy LED Digital Instrument Set for September Launch

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The Tenori-On is a musical sequencer from Yamaha—basically a grid of LED-lit rubber buttons that lets you create musical loops and melodies. It may look like a prop from a 1970s sci-fi series, but it's actually a really intuitive and capable instrument that looks simply amazing. Have a look at it in action after the jump.

Sequencers are used all the time by bands and producers, but this is a really impressive design. There are also all sorts of other possibilities for this hardware, and I can't wait to see what hacks come out for it. It's being released in the UK next month, and if sales go well, then Yamaha will consider launching it elsewhere too. No word yet on pricing, but it won't be cheap. [Yamaha]


Come off of your high horse PHILMORE. The Monome was a rip off of every step sequencer out there, hell you could even say that it's a rip off of the Roland TR-505, or the ReDrum machine in Reason as it has lit buttons to press as well. Yup. All someone did was make a bigger grid and made it physical. SO WHAT? BIG WHOOP. Nothing new on the Monome ...

Tenori-On, on the other hand ... is MUCH different than the Monome. It's visible from both sites, has a 16 x 16 grid (which the Monome will come out with this fall ... but already you can build a custom kit if you want) that features a way more intuitive setup and control scheme, it has it's own library of sounds/samples as well, you can hook it up to another Tenori-On to synch them both up to play together, and you can't easily draw envelopes and such with the Monome as you have to press it's clunky buttons one at a time. Oh, and it's light show kicks Monomes bland ass and then prompty curbs stomps it.

Also, the Monome is way overpriced ... and I'd much rather buy the Tenori because not only does it look cooler, but it has a lot more BANG for the buck than the gimped Monome.

Oh, did I say that I was a user of the Monome?

'Nuff said.