Handset Adapter Lets You Use Your Own Headphones

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Most cell phones now come with media playback features, but designers still seem to think that a wide range of proprietary headphone connections makes more sense than using a standard 3.5mm jack. This colorful invention gets around this problem, converting various manufacturers' connections to a standard headphone socket.


This solution to a problem-that-shouldn't-exist is available from Dreams for just over $7. Surely they don't have to be quite as big as this, though? Some small cell phones aren't that much bigger. [Dreams]


I bought the Nokia N76 (think: Nokia version of the RAZR if the RAZR were also an MP3 player) was because it has a nice earphone jack and comes with a one-giga card. I still don't use it as a MP3 player (burns through the battery life), but anyone who makes a phone with a basic earphone jack has an "analog paradigm" on functionality that I like.

On the other hand, Nokia phones aren't plug & play — like Apple's iCrap, it relies on proprietary software for simple tasks that should be plug & play. Why can't people make phones where you plug them in and they appear as a drive on your computer that allows you to drag and drop without using crappy software like iTunes (or Nokia's Synch software) to do it?

Why do I have to convert and import using software? Why can't I have a contacts list that exports as a universal comma delineated text-only file?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. These companies want to own you and your media.

SIGH. Maybe open source mobile phones are the way to go? Save us from our binds! F.U. APPLE! F.U. NOKIA! HELP!