Twisted ReadyBoost Drives From Apacer

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Vista's ReadyBoost feature is a great way to cheaply upgrade your computer, but for laptop users it's not so convenient. Having a flash drive constantly plugged in is awkward because they stick out at a right angle to the case. These new drives from Apacer can twist to lay flat against the laptop, which is far tidier. They come in different sizes, but the 4GB model will cost you $84. []


At this point, I wonder if adding the "ready boost" label would actually be a sales deterrent in some way:

Vista is still a minority OS on existing computers (I think). Ready boost is a vista-exclusive feature, no? So, if I see a USB drive with the Ready Boost label, and I'm not running Vista, I might be suspicious that I'm paying extra for something I don't need.

Also: the requirements for a ready-boost-capable thumb drive are very low:

# The capacity of the removable media must be at least 256 MB (250 after formatting)

# The device should have an access time of 1ms or less

# The device must be capable of 2.5 MB/s read speeds for 4 KB random reads spread uniformly across the entire device and 1.75 MB/s write speeds for 512 KB random writes spread uniformly across the device

See those read/write speeds there? Very small, when I can go to NewEgg and get a Corsair thumb drive rated at around 30MB/s read/write — more than 10x faster than the spec.

In other words: almost any modern thumb drive is ready-boost capable, as long as you bother to check the speed rating (I still occasionally see cheap-o drives without speed ratings...or with ratings as low as 2 MB/s). Putting that logo on there isn't necessary for the functionality, but it might make it cost a little extra...