Viacom Putting All of Daily Show Online

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Whether it was the cause of or the reaction to their $1 billion lawsuit against Google, Viacom will be launching with the entire back catalog of Stewart clips available for viewing (we're assuming for free). It's a progressive move by Viacom, and hopefully the clips aren't so chock full of ads that we can't enjoy them properly. Of course, that won't be true if's full 30 second intro ads are any indication.


It's brilliant, really. Cutting shows into individual clips, Viacom probably feeds users more ads per content minute online than on television. [nytimes]

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Gee, you sound a little bitter SYNDICATION, being one of those young people (Turned 23 yesterday), I'm glad you have so little faith in the next generation. Still, thanks for generalizing a whole generation. How about I do you, all old people are bitter morons who can't accept that they helped screw the pooch in the first place and thus enjoy taking it out on young people.

SYNDICATION: Because young people are stupid and need comedy innuendo to understand the issues.

Bbfreak: No, not to understand the issues, to cope with them.

SYNDICATION: Facts are that most young people haven't even cut ties with mommy and daddy in college and are living on their dime.

Bbfreak: Gee, I wish I was living on mommy & daddy's dime but the fact is I work my but off thank you very much.

SYNDICATION: People make rational decisions once they are responsible for their own living.

Bbfreak: No the don't, people don't make rational decisions unless they enjoy facing the truth. Most people don't, and thus they'll live with bullshit as long as possible. Putting everything into a comfortable yes or no, black or white category and wishing life was that simple.