Belkin TuneBase FM Finds the Best FM Frequency

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Compatible with pretty much every Apple player except for the iPhone, this Belkin TuneBase FM has ClearScan technology, which searches all FM stations and finds the least-used one for you to broadcast your tunes on. It's $89, has a docking station, and plugs neatly into your car's cigarette adapter. Of course, even with the cleanest FM station, you're still going to run into some interference, which is why we still recommend the $10, 1995 method of using a tape adapter. [Belkin]

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You forgot an AUX IN port on the front. Frys has mp3 cd players with an aux in for $80, just buy a MM 3.5mm cable and turn the ipod (or whatever) volume all the way down and save some major battery. These proprietary dock connectors piss me off, go 3.5mm jack and any mp2 player can use it , which is nice if you aren't married to a particular line of PMP and like to jump around. dock peripherals for 4 differant kinds of PMP tend to hit the wallet hard.