Halo 3 Swag Rebagging (Plus Apology)

Click to viewThe other day, I posted a video showing some cool Halo 3 swag Microsoft sent me as part of the press kit. Despite me putting the word "Incredible" in the headline, people thought my video reflected a lack of appreciation for the gear, and I was called many names for it, and even received a death threat. I had no idea that Halo 3 fans were even more passionate than Apple fans. I realize now my video may have been seen as disrespectful, so I want to apologize here, and give you a second video with more detail of the Halo 3 swag unbagging. Halo 3 fans who I disappointed last week, this video is for you.


Yeah, I'm not really sorry. I love Halo 3, and all this Swag is great, but those fanboys are too rabid for my tastes. For the record none of the stuff was broken or even remotely hurt after the stress test. Real fanboys would know that master chief's energy shield could absorb the impact. (Obviously, the Xbox was taken out of its case.)

I'm holding a contest called "Not Insane Halo 3 Fanboy" The non-microsoft owned stuff, like the dog tags and gamer points and duffel bag are going to the first commenter in this post who wasn't an idiot, and can write me an email with comment account verification.

[UPDATE: For the rest of you, mentally healthy, sane readers, I appreciate your support in the war on commentards. Thanks for reading. ]

[Oh look, support from Tech Digest and Destructoid]

[UPDATE: The best part of this prank is that I didn't really spoil the ending. That didn't stop the fanboys from writing in, though. Gotcha again! ]



Here's a good one from email:

i am very disapointed and pist that you would go to such lengths for somthing you think is funny, what about the millions of people who didn't want to know the ending,what about the people who have waited 7 years like i have for this, you couldn't even put spoiler warning in the damn title. i have contacted bungie about the video as well as microsoft, i am also going to be contacting an attorney as well, expect more emails blam.