Incredible Dice Stacking Trick is Near-Miraculous

Who knew this kind of dice stacking was even possible? Damn, this guy is good. Are those trick dice? [Break]

UPDATE: Impressed by that video? Think it's a camera trick? On the next page, see another dice stacking video that's even more amazing. They can't all be camera tricks!

Thanks, Andras and Thomas Fischbach, the amazing dice stacker in the second video! [Thomas Fischbach on YouTube]


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@Cptnodegard: and YoYo Ma isn't that impressive, as the only thing he has to do it hit the strings just right, and then the bow does all the work.

And Tony Hawk isn't that impressive, as he just has to go up the little skateboard ramp, and gravity and inertia do the rest.

Tetris is easy to beat, all you need to do is aim with the joystick, hit the button a few times, and make the piece fit.

Knowing how its done and doing it are two different things.