Keep Your Unborn Baby Radiation Free With MummyWraps

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The MummyWrap is a stretchy shirt designed for pregnant moms to protect their unborn babies from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It works by utilizing a special fabric called Swiss Shield that blocks out the EMR or "electro-smog," as they call it. Now all of the gadgety moms out there can keep on using their cellphones and Wi-Fi without fear. Of course the MummyWrap will also greatly reduce the chances that their kid will retain any kind of radiation-based superhero abilities as well. []


There is a phenomenon called "internal scatter" whereby that partial body shielding (as opposed to total body shielding) actually increases internal organ absorbed radiation doses.

For example, the big lead apron you put on at the dentist's office during dental Xrays. This is good to put on if you like wearing lead aprons. But actually your internal heart/lung absorbed doses would be slightly lower without the lead apron.'s a nice thing for dentists to offer to give folks comforting, false senses of security. If the dentist didn't offer a lead apron for X-rays, people would probably think: "quack."