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Nike+ Sport Kit Coming to iPhone

Illustration for article titled Nike+ Sport Kit Coming to iPhone

According to Erica at TUAW, the 1.1.1 iPhone Firmware has references to, which leads us to assume that the iPhone and Nike+ Sport Kit is going to work together soon.


In fact, this Nike reference was found in LingoToAccessoryMap.plist, so according to Erica, it's "definitely going to be a supported accessory". Looks like someone at Apple heard our challenge and decided to make us all very happy. Because seriously, why force people to buy another flash-based iPod when you've got a flash-based iPod in your iPhone? That's exactly the kind of practice we frown on. Can someone with 1.1.1 and a Nike+ sport kit test this out to see if it works now and email me?


Update: Reader Jake tells me it still doesn't work with the iPhone. Thanks Jake!

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>> Looks like someone at Apple heard our challenge

Or, they're just adding stuff onto the iPhone that got left out at launch due to time-constraints, which was always their intention. Just a possibility, you know.