T-Mobile's First 3G Phone, Samsung T639, Streets in NYC

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After getting FCC'd in July, a 3G'd up version of the Samsung T639 is now on sale at "select" NYC T-Mobile stores. The catch is that T-Mob's 3G network isn't quite up and running—they bought some licenses in 2006 and have been working on it, but it ain't ready yet. Of course, the T639's launch might be hinting it'll be ready to go sooner rather than later, at least in certain areas. Guess we'll know soon enough. Or not. [Phone Scoop]

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Buford T. Justice

Hmm, y'mean like back when Voicestream/T-mobile 'soft-launched' GPRS nationwide without telling anyone and in all areas simultaneously and it worked without a hitch?

See, unlike AT&T who's been dicking around with 3G since 2004, T-mobile actually knows how to roll a product out and deploy it nationwide. They also know how to do customer care and know that wireless is 24/7. Try calling Death Star Wireless customer care at 2 AM or on Sunday.