ViewSonic Digital Photo Frames Show Off Your Digital Snaps

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Viewsonic is getting into the digital photo frame business and the first digital frames to launch will include an 8-inch widescreen frame with an 800x480 screen resolution that displays popular movie formats, has an integrated speaker for MP3 sounds and a remote control at a price under $200. ViewSonic will also have an 8-inch DF87G frame (pictured) with a resolution of 800x600 with similar features to the 8-inch widescreen frame. The price is expected to be under $200 for this model as well. Finally, we will see a 7-inch DP701W4 widescreen with a resolution of 800x600, 220 cd/m2 brightness and a 400:1 contrast ratio sporting a 30ms response time. The frame around the LCD will be silver with a white acrylic bezel at a price of under $150.

ViewSonic didn't provide an exact storage capacity for the frames, but did say that the internal memory will be enough for about 400 5-megapixel photos. Photos will be transferred to the frame via USB or via memory card from the camera. ViewSonic will be making a formal announcement of its new line of digital photo frames in a few weeks so expect more information then. Viewsonic says when the complete line is rolled out it will have about ten digital frames in all. I hope that some of the future frames will integrate WiFi and MMS support similar to the new Parrot digital frame. Now you will have more ways to display all those pictures of your dog, kids, or really hot girlfriend/wife you take and stash on your hard drive. - Shane McGlaun

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Hopefully the difference is that it works. I've tried both the Ceira (sp?) and the Philips for my parents and neither of them worked at all. Very complicated to set up and very fickle. I'd buy another one if they actually worked as advertised.