Zune Album Art Goes High Rez

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With no announcements or fanfare, Zune Marketplace appears to be improving the resolution of their album art. Users are noting that new albums looks better, while numerous old albums are momentarily dropping from the service only to be replaced by bigger, more beautiful versions—all available for free re-download. One Zune owner reports that their 1680×1050 monitor was filled by one of these new covers, meaning that the Zune's 320x240 screen should be fairly pleased with the situation—right along with Zune owners. [zunerama via crunchgear]


A user reported his 1680x1050 monitor was filled with one of the new covers?

Uh no?

A square album cover filled his widescreen monitor?

Not to mention that album art that size would be stupid on a 320x240 screen... Even compressed, it means lots of wasted storage space for a graphic you can't see.