New Sharp Aquos Line Includes World's First 22- and 26-Inch 1080p LCDs

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Sharp unveiled three new TVs, a 22", 26" and 32" in its P series. While all three are 1080p, these are the first 22" and 26" 1080p LCDs to hit the market. Of course, you're probably saying your computer monitor can handle 1080p, which is probably why one of the main features of these sets is a "PC input jack"—DVI-D, presumably—and picture-in-picture for catching shows while working on the computer. While they are still in Japan only, there's a good chance we'll start seeing 1080p sets this small in the US too, now that Sharp has broken the size barrier. [Akihabara News]

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Alas, 1080p barely makes sense on a 42" screen. At that size, if you sit more than 4 feet from the screen, your eyes can no longer distinguish individual scan lines.

How close do you have to be sitting to this set in order to get the full benefit of 1080p? A foot? As mother used to say, "You'll ruin your eyes!"