Wooden Keyboard Obligates a "Having Wood" Joke

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We have already declared our love for wooden keyboards, but Geeks.com's offering has stolen our hearts without defiling our wallets. At only $20 for a mouse and keyboard, made from the original hard stuff, we are not too sure what more you could ask of the fine people at Geeks.com, nay, of life. Though the product description seems a little misleading, with the entry of "wood colored keys," the chaps at Wired are seeking the real down-low as we speak. We can only wait with bated breath as the news comes in. We pray for real wood...nightly...we have problems. [Product Page via Wired]

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I'm A Different Bird

@DisposableInterloper: Goodie for Poland eastward. Here in the States, this is the first wood keyboard I've seen under $70, which is fantastic.