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We're not going to give away those puppies pictured above if you'll vote for us, nor harm them in any way if you don't, we promise. We just put that pic up there in a shameless attempt to get you to read this. The 2007 Weblog Awards voting is still going on, and we'd like to kindly ask for your vote. We've tried giving away private jet rides, a free pony, and even showing you a few boobies here and there, and they've worked well for us. But now we're going the straightforward route, asking you in all earnestness to give us your vote. November 8th is the last day you can vote Gizmodo for Best Technology Blog. You can click on Gizmodo once every 24 hours, so please, go for it. Because a cute puppy photo is a terrible thing to waste. [2007 Weblog Awards]


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Fuck you Gizmodo. My girlfriend came to this site and now I'll never hear the end of how she wants a puppy until I foot the bill for one.

I voted for you anyway, ya fargin' bastages.