The Tech in a Pioneer's Kuro Plasma in About 50 Words

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A concise and elegant description of the tech that makes Pioneer's Kuro blacker, from Pop Sci this month:

"Each tiny cell in the [plasma] screen must be primed with an electric charge so it's ready to fire up quickly, and that charge turns blacks slightly gray. Pioneer designed cells that require far less charge...Then it added a screen filter that further dampens excess light and reflects less room light." The 1080p models fresh out of the oven and according to a few who've played with them, the best sets out there now. [PopSci]

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Matt Coleridge


They don't have the Pioneer 1080P plasmas in that list. Only an old 768 one. I believe all Pioneer plasmas have 3:2 inverse telecine, at least the new Kuro ones do for sure.

Friend of mine just got the 60" Pioneer 1080P TV ... it's like a religious experience watching it.