Moller Has "Substantial Doubts" That Their Flying Car Will Make it To Market

Illustration for article titled Moller Has Substantial Doubts That Their Flying Car Will Make it To Market

Jalopnik reports that Moller, makers of the M400 flying car vapor we've come to love inhaling, have "substantial doubts" the cars will ever get off the ground.

They've always been confident, even if the public hasn't, so this is a change of tune for the futurist company. Moller posted a quarterly loss of $81, 071, bringing their deficit to $40.6 million, and they've cited the need for more money to continue operations and manufacturing of flying cars. (Oh coincidence, that's the same reason why my flying car isn't for sale yet.) I'm wondering if Ford could buy the company and pull off the production, considering ex-Boeing executive Alan Mulally is the helm...but now I'm just acting desperate. [Jalopik]

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The "flying car" has been "just around the corner" since the late 40's. The real problem is not the tech, it's people talking on cell phones at 5000 feet, while traveling at 400 mph! Now that's terrorism!

Personally, I much prefer the personal cluster balloon. It's so much... quieter. Easier on gas too. Commuting is a bitch though.