Yes-No-Yes-No Sony Changes Its Stance on PlayStation Phone Again

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Omigawd, these PlayStation Phone shenanigans are really beginning to get up our noses here at the Giz. Yesterday we told you how Jim Ryan had been talking a lot of sense about the rumoured Playstation cell — and now, today, we learn that the Sony exec has been misquoted.

According to a rep at Sony, "Jim Ryan was misquoted in his interview and we do not have any plans at the moment for a PlayStation phone." So that's a "Maybe," then. Sheesh. [Kotaku]


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Wouldn't it be easier to make a phone module for the PSP? But seriously, this era of gadget integration is heading towards a singularity of stupidity where it is no longer a question of what device to pair with a cell phone, but rather what already established device would be nice to use as a phone. I bet ya there are engineers out there right now eyeballing toaster ovens and copier machines and pondering the ergonomics and placement of a numberpad and front-facing 3G camera.