Home Trebuchet Kit, a Few Feet Short of Perfection

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When we first spotted this Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet kit, we thought our dreams had come true. At last we could defeat our neighbors, if not in a landscaping-off, at least in an old fashioned, purely American arms race. But then we saw the all-too-reasonable price of $189. And we knew this trebuchet was only moderately awesome and probably wouldn't help us defeat the neighborhood any time soon.


At 1/20th scale, this historic replica trebuchet is built (by you) from about 140 pieces and stands 18 inches tall with an arm that reaches 32 inches at peak. Launching packaged projectiles 40 to 60 feet, we realize that maybe a real trebuchet would have been overkill for our purposes. And this Warwolf may provide just enough kill. We'll keep you apprised on the ensuing war. [product via gizmowatch]

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i made a trebuchet for a turkey launch off for my physics class in high school. It was made with about $350 in supplies, and a LOT of testing and retesting. But it was awesome, standing over 25 feet tall with the arm extended. Had the local news out to watch us and everything. We made a 50+ yard field goal with the turkey, and it probably went about 30 yards further. Prob could have gotten further if my damn team had listened to my original specs!

Still, love these things.