iPhone Prices Compared in Four Countries (Verdict: We're Doing Alright)

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setteB.IT took it upon themselves to chart up the four different iPhone providers in four different countries and see who's getting the best deal. Apparently, it's Orange (France) if you're looking at the cheapest overall price, but their plan only includes about 240 minutes and limits both Wi-Fi and EDGE data. In comparison, AT&T's got the most full-featured plan at unlimited Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 450 minutes of talk time—some good news in a time when our dollar's crumbling faster than an osteoporotic old man who got hit in the knee. [setteb.it]



@drewheyman: It's not about currency conversion.

He's talking about inflation, or, in the case of the dollar, the exact opposite. For example, $10 dollars here does not buy the same amount of groceries as 6.7 euros.

It's about the cost of living.

For example, $10 in Pittsburgh will buy you more groceries than $10 in Philadelphia. Why? Because the cost of living in Pittsburgh, is roughly 76% of the cost of living in Philadelphia. The same can be said abroad.

Whether or not the dollar is rapidly falling is actually a moot point in this comparison. The fact of the matter is that cost of living negates the entire argument. It's different and different cities, and certainly different from country to country. Yes, the US has an average cost of living, and I'm sure that the other comparative countries do as well, but the prices in the chart above are NOT adjusted for cost of living, thus, it is silly to even compare them to begin with.

It's not that bobdobbs doesn't understand currency conversion, it's that he has at least a basic understanding of economics.