Is It a Soccer Ball or a Remote? Actually, It's Both

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Soccer may not be the most popular sport in the US—but don't tell that to millions of minivan-driving suburban mothers. Chances are, the kids they are constantly hauling back and forth to practice would love this soccer ball remote. Not only will it handle your TV, DVD and satellite controls, it is also a full-size, functional ball. So you can kick it around, do headers and let the TV channels fall where they may. I just hope you are a fan of English soccer. Available for around $41. [Product Page]


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"Soccer" is an English word. It's a strange contraction of "Association Football". It's just not the most popular name for the sport in the UK.

Association Football refers to the standardized-rules game that was set up in 1863 under the control of the Football Association. Prior to that there had been a lot of different football-like games played in different regions of the country. These were all called "Football", but the rules were very different. In some versions players could even pick up the ball.

One that I'm aware of called Ashbourne Football was played once a year from one end of the town to another with each team consisting of as many people as wanted to join in! The first historical mention of this game goes back to 1680 (or thereabouts) and the word "Football" was used.