The Plastic Surgeon Opens Plastic Blister Packs, Saves Fingers

Plastic clamshell openers like the OpenX have been around for a while, but despite all that development and marketing, they still lose out in pure usefulness to box cutters or even a pair of scissors. The Plastic Surgeon, on the other hand, looks like it has all the functionality of a box cutter but without all the "saw your finger off" riskiness. You can check out the corny video above for a better idea of how it works, but we'll have a hands-on with this thing sometime soon. Hopefully I'll still have all my digits when I type it up. [Plastic Surgeon]


I'm A Different Bird

If you can't use a box-cutter or a pocket knife properly and safely, and you're over the age of ten, you don't deserve fingers in the first place.

Geez, what do you people do when you need to cook? My big, heavy chef's knife seems to me to be a lot more dangerous than a measly box-cutter.