$109 iPod Touch Clone on Sale Now

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For those who prefer "non-aspirin pain reliever" to Tylenol, this $109 Optimus Touch is the perfect Apple remedy. Strikingly similar to Apple's iPod Touch, the 4GB Optimus Touch sports similar menus and lots of enhancements, including a 1.3MP camera, FM tuner, miniSD slot, and support of your DivX and XviD movies. Of course, there are a few catches as well, as you will see in the video after the jump:

Aside from assuredly lower build quality, you lose Wi-Fi and the screen size takes a hit to 2.8-inches (down from ?) along with a resolution hit to 320x240 (down from 480x320). Plus, we worry that since it includes a stylus, the device really isn't meant for a finger.

I dunno, it's that last 10% of polish that makes a good gadget great. But for $109, it's not too shabby. [product via electronista]



I sum this up in one word: Shit.

Why? I loathe the stylus with every fiber of my being.