Could Fujitsu's ReRAM Replace Flash Storage?

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Today Fujitsu took the lid off ReRAM, a new form of non-volatile memory with low power consumption. Like flash, ReRAM can maintain data after power is lost, but Fujitsu's product adds one important element: speed. By wrapping titanium in nickel oxide, and by limiting the current flow from the transistor, the current needed to erase memory has been reduced to 100 micro-amperes or less. Plus, the whole operation can be completed in 5 nanoseconds. That represents a 10,000 fold improvement over previous attempts at ReRAM.

Combine all that with a low-cost manufacturing process and you have a bonafide competitor to flash. However, Fujitsu is quick to point out that they have no plans for the short term as far as products are concerned. That would most likely occur a few years down the road —a few short years that could see mobile devices combing speed, stability, and generous amounts of storage using a single memory source. [Electonista and TG Daily]

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Yes what they are not telling you is how expensive of a process it is to wrap titanium in nickel oxide for a form of already existing flash mem. I'm sure they did the math and found it was much more cost effective to use already in place systems that produce slower yet cheaper flash cards are nearly the same storage capacity.