Polar Phone Concept For Winter Gloves and Fat Fingers

Illustration for article titled Polar Phone Concept For Winter Gloves and Fat Fingers

The Polar mobile phone is a concept piece from Yuta Watanabe that is intended for cold weather climates where thick gloves are obstacles to effective communication. The phone looks to be a bit bulkier than usual, with bigger buttons arranged in an easy-to-press vertical layout.


There are already plenty of phones on the market targeted towards older individuals that feature big buttons and easy-to-use designs, but the simple Polar mobile phone questions whether companies should go a step further and spend more time designing phones that are climatically or culturally specific. [Design Crack via Make]

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They made the buttons bigger which is fine, but did they have to make the thing look like a 1980's handheld video game? Maybe its a remote to an old B&W TV?