Gadget Gives "Watching Your Butthole" in Prison a Whole New Meaning

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In order to combat the rising number of mobile phones smuggled into prisons, the UK Government is considering installing the Boss II scanner chair in every jail in England and Wales. The Boss makes every inmate its bitch thanks to three sensitive sensors that can detect internally hidden metal items as small as a pin or a sim card. Two Boss chairs are already being used in local prisons and have helped detect 21 mobile phones since April.


At first it may seem like a lot of trouble (and pain) to go through just to make a very foul-smelling phone call now and then, but it appears that the inmates can use the phones to make drug deals or intimidate witnesses on the outside. All I know is that I would hate to be the guy at the prison who had to "retrieve" those phones. [Times Online]

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I'll bet the rates are shitty.


lol @ self for rimshot pun after ass joke.