Double-Barreled Marshmallow Rifle Is Delicious and Painful

Marshmallow shooters are nothing new—but the Marshmallow Fun Company's Classic Twin Stryker (the Y in Stryker means it's awesome!) will pelt your foe into sugary submission. I tested their newest $32 pillowy murder device at Toy Fair 2011.

My victim? Gizmodo's own Kyle VanHemert. As you can see, the Stryker hits a great balance between super silly fun and a slight stinging pain. Which is exactly what I want from a gun. Each pump of the gun let loose a dual shot of hot cocoa-sized mallows. Loading a barrel's worth of ammo might be a little irritating each time, but at least you can eat the aftermath of your puffy rampage.


Toy Fair is the annual event where we get to completely regress back to childhood and check out all of the awesome toys coming out for the rest of the year. And well, we love toys.

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