Where Did You Shop For Evil Holiday Consumer Goods?

Where Did You Shop For Evil Holiday Consumer Goods?

It's Christmas Eve, and apparently that means people are making their last, mad dashes to immortalize their kinship through iPods and GPS systems. It's clearly too late to be shopping online for your holiday merchandise, but numerous inquiring minds need to know (OK, just ours), where did you do your holiday shopping this year?

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@ashwinmudigonda: Banmojo is right. Christians stole the holiday from the Roman feast of Saturnalia. And that was just one of many mid-Winter feasts held in the Northern hemisphere (a time to eat lots to cheer you up and to eat all that food that can't be stored all winter).

The Roman feast week was all about over-indulging. So the modern excesses of Christmas are a return to the original message!

In the UK (where I'm from) most people are atheists or at least agnostics and yet Christmas is huge. It's a traditional holiday and a time for giving (and receiving). Who gives a sh*t about all that superstitious cr*p? Here in the US everyone gets their knickers in a twist and spoils the holiday by talking about Christ's birthday (even though he wasn't even born in Dec.). It's time to ditch the mumbo-jumbo and claim this holiday for humanism!