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Question of the Day: What Presents Did You Score?

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The folks in Europe and Asia have already gotten their presents, and the rest of us in the States will be joining them very soon. So, what did you guys score? New gadgets? Clothes? Movies? DVDs? Games? A coupon for one free sexy time with Jesus Diaz? Let everyone know and we'll see who made off like a ninja and who's crying under their tree. Here's how to comment.


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sticking to the electronics..Westinghouse 7" Digital picture frame, Simpletech Pininfarina designed 500GB HD, an upconverting LG DVD player, two classic Wii controllers for Mario Cart, and an LED bulb for my MagLite. Bought a refurbished 42" Philips LCD for myself, which I haven't hooked up yet, so I hope it works! For others I got: a Timex Ironman watch w/ HRM for my brother the aspiring triathlete, 4 GB Nano for my stepdad, and a combo Krups coffee/espresso maker for my gf's mom. Not electronics, but just proud of myself for this one: Gold diamond solitaire necklace from Tiffany for my girlfriend.