Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Wish Good Will to All Men

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, along with their Apple commercial alter egos, have enjoyed their share of repressed sexual tension hostility/rage. Today, through the help of everyone's favorite online elf dancing tool, they put all the cheap geek jabs aside in honor of the season.

On a side note, wouldn't it be great to watch Mac/Die Hard actor Justin Long having Christmas dinner with Steve Jobs and Bruce Willis? Imagine Jobs asking Willis to pass the gravy, then Willis just staring through the Cupertino giant, like he's Ashton Kutcher asking for a second glass of milk, the creamy condensation still glistening on his lip.


This wasn't made using the old "elfyourself", was it? Brownie points only if you made it on your own. Otherwise, it's only half funny. Either way, hope everyone has a happy holiday.