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Adtec AD-HSM10: New World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

Illustration for article titled Adtec AD-HSM10: New Worlds Smallest Bluetooth Headset

The world's smallest Bluetooth headset just three weeks ago was Nextlink's Invisio G5. Today's it's a fatty, out-ano'd by the more dwarven AD-HSM10, which looks like a titanium hearing aid. It weighs about a gram less than the G5 and is more squat, but its measly 3 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby fall short by an hour and 50 hours, respectively. "More to love" seems to weigh in the G5's favor, though the AD-HSM10 costs half as much ($78). [Adtec via Phone Arena]


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Lovely design, though I would still prefer a bit more heft. Even if it has a purely cosmetic "boom," at least it would let people know its a headset, and not an early onset deafness required hearing aid.