Sony, Fujistu, Acer Penryn Laptops Leaked

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We've been harping on about Penryn processors for a while, but a few more models have just leaked:


•Acer will be adding to their Aspire line with five new models (2920, 4920, 5920, 7720 and 9920). Their Travelmate line will also gain two new machines (6492 and 6592G.)

•Fujitsu-Siemens will join the parade with the Amilo Xi 2550 / 2428

•Sony will have a piece of the Penryn pie with five new VAIO lappies (FZ31, TZ2, SZ71, CR31 and AR61.)

[Notebook Italia; Aspire, Travelmate, Amilo, Vaio via Engadget]



Acers BLOW. If you doubt me just go to any Best Buy or Compusa (thats still open) and check out how many of the floor demo models are missing major pieces of the keyboard and externals. If it cant handle a bunch of idiots groping it, its not gonna do too good on the road. Or just check out their reviews on newegg or mwave. I once stopped a young couple from buying an acer laptop and monitor at compusa. Thus I get into heaven with 70 virgins.