Foxtrot Comic Takes On DRM

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We've been a longtime fans of Foxtrot, if for no other reason than identifying with the comic strip as a young, extremely dorky children. Now we have another reason to enjoy Bill Amend's work, because this Sunday's Foxtrot takes a nasty swipe at the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, that law making it illegal to break DRM (even when you've paid for rights to enjoy the content). I for one would hate to see Paige go to jail, even if she can be difficult sometimes. [gocomics via boingboing]



First of all, it doesn't mean dick to be illegal, so long as the DVD successfully rips anyway. If I buy a DVD, I'm not going to give a shit whether or not it's actually illegal to make a video file out of it for my iPod or computer library, but what does matter is the more restrictive copy protection measures of the disc.

Anyone have issues ripping Ratatouille or Casino Royale lately? Well if you have, it's because some newer discs, especially those from the likes of Sony and Disney are now virtually impossible to rip, and in Casino Royale's case, unplayable on computers, similarly to other discs that already share the same nonsense.

I'd love to see the day that the STUDIOS' shit is deemed illegal, and I feel that it should be, because they don't divulge little details such as being unplayable on computer systems, which should piss off a good number of people who actually use media PC's for their living rooms.