Nokia's Treo-like QWERTY N-Series Coming Late 2008?

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If we had to add anything to Nokia's already feature rich N-series phones (the N95, for example) it would be a keyboard (or a touchscreen, but let's say keyboard here). Boy Genius has a spy shot of an upcoming N-series (not E-series) phone that has this full-sized QWERTY keyboard that's set for a 2nd half 2008 release.

Here's what they know in terms of specs: S60 3rd Edition FP2 OS, 5 or 6-megapixel camera, 30FPS VGA (640x480) video recording and a candybar form factor. To us, the keyboard's the big difference between a phone being a phone with data capabilities and a data phone. [Boy Genius]

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I dont really understand how this is any different than an e62. I personally own the nokia enterprise wonderkind, and I would love to see how they can turn it from the "e series" to nokia's new signature "n-series". Maybe it will get 8gb, a nice camera, complete wifi hardware and some high speed carrier connection for when I am away from the muni wi-fi.