Is CES Leaving Las Vegas?

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MSNBC reports that rising costs of food and accommodations during CES week could drive the show out of Las Vegas when their contract ends in 2011. [MSNBC]


I don't know where they could go that would be any better. It's the world's largest trade show, and fills the whole LVCC, plus a lot of other convention and meeting space around Las Vegas. The 2nd largest show in the world, NAB, only fills the LVCC. I've seen the rates for the smaller NAB show in New York, and the hotels are usually $300/night minimum, whereas for NAB in Vegas I can get into the Sahara for five nights for under $500. I'm with you on the food there, though. a burger and a Coke shouldn't be $10. The food there is as bad as any elementary school cafeteria, and they flat out screw you on the prices.

I just don't see where they could try to hold something like that, since I don't know of anywhere that has the hotel space you need. Sure, you could do it in NYC or LA probably, but they don't have hotels the size of those in Vegas, so you'd have attendees spread over a 200 square mile area filling every Hampton Inn and Super 8 in sight, and getting gouged since I doubt they'd be able to negotiate convention rates for 600 hotels.