HP Snagged a Former Apple Exec to Help Convince People to Make WebOS Apps

HP just went and hired Richard Kerris to serve as their new VP of worldwide developer relations for WebOS. In addition to working at LucasArts as their CTO, Kerris worked on Apple's worldwide developer relations team in the first half of the 2000s, where he prodded developers to start cranking out apps for OS X. Presumably, he'll be doing the same for WebOS, a platform in desperate need of apps. [MobileCrunch]


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I wish people would make the distinction between the volume of apps available in a 'store' and the relevance to what people really want. I'm guessing that the number of apps that people make the most use of on any given platform is less than a couple hundred. The *good* media streaming/playing, mail, social media, navigation, photography, and productivity apps are fairly limited. OK, games are another category and probably shoots this rant full of holes but lets face it, if you as the typical user have your Facebook, Twitter, news reader, browser, media streamer, Dropbox and media player apps are you really going to give a hoot if there are 50k more apps or 5k? Add in the 'Angry Birds' du jour and you're set. Right? Anybody?